Mac OS 10.7 Lion is now supported.

The termination of FrontBase could is rare cases hang.

The predicate of the form INDEX = is now cosidered illegal when the server is started with the -rmaster, -rclient, or -rcluster options.

Rollbacks of transactions which have inserted blobs or clobs could cause the server to crash.

The servers robustness against improbably situations in connection with drop tables with implicitly created indexes which have been deleted.

Some extreamly rare cases of reuse of common subselects cause the server to crash.

Some cases of joins with 12+ tables would cause the query optimizer use too much time to determine an evaluation order, the optimizer have been optimized.

The like operator did not return correct result in the case of a pattern begining with '%' followed by one character.

Certain like operators with escape specifications would not return always all matching rows.

Improve the error messages for failing constraint checks to include the failing column values when the column type is bit or bit varying.

Allow cast of CLOBs to CHARs.

Reading BLOBs and CLOBs before they were committed returned incorrect values and would cause incorrect values to be stored when the BLOBs/CLOBs were actually committed.

Reading blobs without having an open transaction could cause the server to crash.

The unique number generator was exported with the default values, when export was done using versioned transactions, the correct unique number is now exported.

Several clients creating blobs simultaneously could cause FrontBase to crash, the crash have been fixed.

The option -loadrdd have been added to the FrontBase server instruction the server to to fill up the rdd cache, during startup. The option is intended for, but not restricted to, to situations where the size of the rdd is in the same ball park.

The secure communication did not work corectly for the 64-bit versions.