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9 August 2000
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Release no. 32/2000

2M Invest invests in pioneer software

Danish engineers have developed the database of the future, specifically designed for the internet. 2M Invest’s involvement in FrontBase is meant to ensure FrontBase’s penetration of the US market.

With an investment of DKK 10 million, 2M Invest A/S acquires approximately 30 per cent of the Danish company FrontBase A/S.

Today, a company may choose between a large range of new and free - but relatively simple -database servers, which may be downloaded from the internet or obtained through the established systems; however, these database servers are often quite complex and also very costly to purchase and to operate.

FrontBase has developed from scratch a patented software, that does not only meet all requirements as to functionality, security and scalability, but is also available at a price far less than today’s price of similar systems. Furthermore, the total package only takes up 2 MB, which makes it easy to download from the internet; thus developers will be able to have the database up and running in just a few minutes.

"We focus on companies with the internet as a key part of their business model, and we expect to become an alternative to the established providers in this field, such as Oracle, Sybase and Informix" says FrontBase CEO, Nils Petersen.

"It is most encouraging that, once again, Danish engineers develop a piece of software that may prove to show the same kind of potential as C++ and Turbo Pascal (both developed by Danes). In our opinion it would take a competitor at least 24 months to develop a similar product," says managing director in 2M Invest, Søren Jonas Bruun, who has great expectations to FrontBase™’s performance on its future "home market" in the US.

Today, FrontBase runs on Linux-, Apple-, Solaris- and NT-platforms, and the Company already counts a number of interesting customers in 18 countries, among others the Danish National Police, and Apple, Inc.

Today, FrontBase employs 12 people, and expects to increase the number to 20 to 30 before the end of the year.

On behalf of the Company
Michael Mathiesen
President Johan Schlüter, Chairman of the Board

For further information, please contact:

FrontBase A/S
Geert B. Clemmensen, CTO, tel. +45 4582 6262

2M Invest A/S
Søren Jonas Bruun, Managing Director, tel. +45 4045 3332
Kim Bach, VP IR & Comm., tel. +45 3332 3938

See also FrontBase’s web site at and 2M Invest’s web site at

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