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May 16, 2000
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Frontbase releases FrontBase™ 2.0 - the enterprise level database server for Mac OS X

May 16, 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark. Frontbase -- pioneers of cost-effective database solutions for the internet -- today announced the immediate availability of FrontBase 2.0, a new milestone in the FrontBase era offering many new features and performance improvements.

"FrontBase has emerged as the only enterprise level database server for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, offering unmatched robustness, features, performance and scalability", said Geert B. Clemmensen, Founder and CTO of Frontbase and he continues: "With FrontBase 2.0 a new standard for cost-effective enterprise level database servers has been set, and we look forward to continue to serve all the fantastic software houses in the Apple market space".

FrontBase 2.0 is introduced with a new attractive pricing model, with the renowned world class support available Frontbase being competetively priced:

E-Starter FREE
E-Commerce US $ 499
E-Commerce Pro US $ 999
Enterprise US $ 1,999

New features in FrontBase 2.0

About Frontbase

Frontbase is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and offers truly cross-platform leading edge database technology products.

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