FOOTHILL RANCH, CA., March 28, 2001 - FrontBase, Inc., today announced FrontBase database, version 2.22, the first scalable relational database server available for Mac OS X. FrontBase 2.22 is designed to be the foundation for dynamic and scalable website and application deployments on Mac OS X.

"We built much of FrontBase 2.22 in Cocoa for fast, native performance on Mac OS X and excellent interoperability with WebObjects," said Geert B. Clemmensen, founder and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "Utilizing the Cocoa environment has allowed us to develop associated and necessary tools as much as 5 to 10 times faster than on any other platform."

"Mac OS X’s open source foundation, advanced standards based networking, and superior performance make it an ideal platform for web development and deployment," said Clent Richardson, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "With FrontBase providing a robust, scalable and standards driven server for Mac OS X, business users can be equipped with a complete Apple solution from the server to the desktop."

FrontBase takes full advantage of the amazing Mac OS X operating system. Apple’s advanced virtual memory system and multi-threading support ensure that FrontBase can scale to the needs of your applications, whether you’re running your small business on an iMac, or powering your online store with a fleet of G4s. FrontBase 2.22 takes full advantage of symmetric multi-processing under OS X.

FrontBase’s rich, enterprise level feature set includes the ability to easily handle very large (over 1 terabyte) databases, gigabyte character data and large objects, encryption of datastore and client/server communication, storage-level Unicode support, live database backup, and multi-server deployment (replication and clustering). These features ensure that FrontBase 2.22 is easy to use and maintain and does not require a dedicated database administrator. FrontBase also provides the scalability and performance required for current and future dynamic web-based solutions. Point-and-click installation and adherence to Mac OS X's directory structure ensures that anyone can install and run FrontBase 2.22 for Mac OS X on their computer.

Standards Compliance

FrontBase 2.22 is written in ANSI C, supports Unicode exclusively, communicates over TCP/IP, and is fully SQL 92 compliant. FrontBase 2.22 is ready to work with today's standards-based environments.

Price and Availability

FrontBase 2.22 is priced from US $999 to $3499. A free limited feature version and a free full-featured developer version without deployment rights are also available. FrontBase 2.22 for Mac OS X can be downloaded immediately from

About FrontBase, Inc.

FrontBase, Inc. develops and markets the FrontBase relational database server. FrontBase, Inc., backed by venture capital from 2M invest has outlined a program of aggressive growth to be a strong competitor in the relational database market segment. FrontBase, Inc. is based in Foothill Ranch, CA, with development and marketing offices outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.


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