FrontBase and REALbasic Announce REALbasic to FrontBase™ Plug-in

REALbasic version 3.2 to include a FrontBase plug-in for linking REALbasic commands to FrontBase’s high-end enterprise database server.

Foothill Ranch, CA (May 07, 2001) - FrontBase Inc., the developers of FrontBase, the first scalable relational database for Mac OS X, today announced the shipment of its FrontBase Plugin 1.3 for REALbasic 3.2. With FrontBase Plug-in 1.3, REALbasic users can create and ship applications, which access and store data on a FrontBase relational database server.

"We’ve had a lot of requests for additional links to high-end programs, and the FrontBase Plug-in for REALbasic is a great example of what our users have been asking for," said Lorin Rivers, Product Manager of REALBasic. "We think the power of FrontBase’s database server technology is a perfect match for REALbasic’s powerful, but easy to use programming language."

The FrontBase Plug-in for REALbasic installs in the REALbasic build environment and is automatically incorporated by REALbasic Professional Edition into applications that utilize it. Developers can then distribute their finished applications to end-users without the end users having to have any knowledge of FrontBase or database servers in general to operate.

"FrontBase’s scalable database architecture is a great complement to REALbasic projects," said Geert Clemmensen, President and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "Now REALbasic developers can create applications that take advantage of FrontBase’s Unicode formatting and full SQL 92 standard implementation that matches the most powerful databases on the planet. We look forward to further collaborations with REAL Software."

Standards Compliance

FrontBase 2.22 is written in ANSI C, supports Unicode exclusively, communicates over TCP/IP, and is fully SQL 92 compliant. FrontBase 2.22 is ready to work with today's standards-based environments.

Pricing and Availability

The FrontBase Plug-in for REALbasic is now available as a free plug-in that is included in REALBasic version 3.2. The FrontBase Plugin is also available at no cost from the "downloads" section of the FrontBase website at

About FrontBase

FrontBase Inc., is a database software developer and services provider based in the United States, with offices in Denmark, Seattle and California. Their FrontBase database software is the only database software for Mac OS X that is fully SQL 92 compliant. For more information about FrontBase, please call (949) 455-2913 or visit their website at

About REAL Software

REAL Software, Inc. was founded in 1996, and is based in Austin, Texas. For more information visit or call 512/263-1233. For more information about REALbasic 3, visit their website at

For more information contact:

Erik Holsinger
FrontBase, Inc.
(949) 455-2913

Lorin Rivers
REAL Software, Inc.
(512) 263-1233