FrontBase Announces FrontBase Manager

FrontBase Manager provides complete remote control of FrontBase Databases

Foothill Ranch, CA (May 23, 2001) - FrontBase, Inc., the developers of FrontBase™, the first scalable relational database for Mac OS X, today announced FrontBase Manager, an OS X application that provides complete remote control of FrontBase databases to minimize downtime and provide even greater user control.

FrontBase Manager is a fully multi-threaded and multi-processor application, so users can create multiple connections to the same database without creating data deadlock. FrontBase Manager also provides instant Data Drag and Drop, where users can drag and drop data rows to tab-delimited text into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or any application that accepts text drags.

Other FrontBase Manager Features include:

"FrontBase Manager is an ideal tool for FrontBase Developers," said Geert Clemmensen, President and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "This new version takes full advantage of the sophisticated multi-tasking and multi-threading capabilities of OS X, and provides even greater control of FrontBase database servers."

Pricing and Availability

FrontBase Manager will be available in early Q3, and will be bundled with the FrontBase database software on its release. All FrontBase products are available as an on-line download. Pricing for the FrontBase database software license ranges from free deployment versions to $49,999 enterprise wide licensing.

About FrontBase

FrontBase, Inc., is a database software developer and services provider based in the United States, with offices in Denmark, Seattle and California. Their FrontBase database software is the only database software for Mac OS X that is fully SQL 92 compliant. For more information about FrontBase, please call (949) 455-2913 or visit their website at

For more information contact:

Erik Holsinger
FrontBase, Inc.
(949) 455-2913