FrontBase, Inc. Announces FrontBase Developer Connection

Revolutionary new developer reward program first of its kind in Mac industry, where points earned are tradable for Mac hardware and software.

FDC Developers can purchase WebObjects 5 for only $99 until end of September

New York, NY (July 17, 2001) - FrontBase, Inc., the developers of FrontBase™, the first scalable relational database for Mac OS X, today announced the FrontBase Developer Connection (FDC), a revolutionary new developer rewards program. FDC provides the vital link between FrontBase, Inc. and its developers, and is designed to provide technical support and full perpetual licenses that can be resold.

Where this differs from other developer programs is in the way the FDC emulates a frequent flyer rewards program. In the FDC, registered developers earn points that will give them rebates for hardware they buy in the Apple Store©. For every dollar spent on a FrontBase product (such as a license, support, or training), their account as a registered FDC developer will be credited 1 point and every 15 of those points will buy $1 worth of product at the Apple Store. For example, if an FDC developer or their customers buy a "Small Business Bundle" license for $14,999, their FDC account will be credited 14,999 points.

The FDC developer can use their points to get rebates for whatever hardware is for sale in the Apple Store. In the FDC, fifteen (15) points is worth $1. So when you earn 15,000 points, you can spend $1,000 at the Apple Store. Buy a Titanium G4 PowerBook, a G4 tower, or any other tools - it’s totally up to the developer. Simply purchase your hardware from the Apple Store, send in your FDC number and your Apple Store receipt and we#8217;ll send you a rebate based on the points you#8217;ve earned.

"As developers ourselves, we wanted to create a developer program that we would want to be in," Geert Clemmensen, founder and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "Our FDC program is unique in that it provides immediate, real rewards for developers who create business solutions using FrontBase. The other great thing is that once you are part of the FDC program, you can earn points just by using FrontBase."

WebObjects 5 special promotion

As an added incentive, all developers who join the FDC program by September 30, 2001 can purchase Apple Computers WebObjects 5 © software from FrontBase, Inc. for only $99, a savings of $600 off the list price. For more details on this special offer, contact FrontBase, Inc. at (949) 455-2913 or send an email to

Earning Points

FDC developers can earn points in a variety of ways. For example:

The FDC program (including the earning of points) is subject to the FrontBase, Inc. FDC contract, a copy of which will be provided upon written request.

Pricing and Availability

The FDC program is now available in two tiers: Standard and Professional.

Standard: List price $3,000. This includes:

Professional: List price $5,000. This includes:

About FrontBase

FrontBase, Inc., is a database software developer and services provider based in the United States, with offices in Denmark, Seattle and California. Their FrontBase database software is the only database software for Mac OS X that is fully SQL 92 compliant. For more information about FrontBase, please call (949) 455-2913 or visit their website at

For more information contact:

Larry Barcot,
Vice President of Sales,
FrontBase, Inc., (949) 455-2913

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