FrontBase Announces FrontBase Tcl Plug-in

New plug-in gives Tcl developers control of and access to FrontBase databases.

Foothill Ranch, CA (August 29, 2001) - FrontBase, Inc., the developers of FrontBase™, the scalable relational database, today announced the FrontBase Tcl plug-in, an plug-in that lets Tcl developers use FrontBase relational database servers in their applications. Tcl is a popular programming language that is used to write tools and utilities for client-side applications.

The FrontBase Tcl plug-in bundles together a set of access commands that provide a direct link to FrontBase database servers. Because both Tcl and Frontbase are cross platform, Tcl developers can now tailor their Frontbase applications to the customers preferred platform. The FrontBase Tcl plug-in requires Tcl 8.3, and works under Windows 2000, Windows NT, Unix and Linux.

"With FrontBase and our Tcl plug-in, you can now develop and deploy FrontBase database applications using the popular and flexible Tcl language," said Geert Clemmensen, founder and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. "This combination provides Tcl developers with a world-class relational database solution that can scale to meet the needs of any business application."

Pricing and Availability

The Tcl plug-in is available now as a free download to all FrontBase users with a valid license. All FrontBase products are available as an on-line download, including development plug-ins for PHP, Perl, REALbasic and WebObjects5. Pricing for the FrontBase database software license ranges from a free deployment license to $49,999 enterprise wide licensing.

About FrontBase

FrontBase, Inc., is a database software developer and services provider based in the United States, with offices in Denmark, Seattle and California. Their FrontBase database software is one the few relational database servers that is fully SQL 92 compliant. For more information about FrontBase, please call (949) 455-2913 or visit their website at

For more information contact:

Erik Holsinger
FrontBase, Inc.
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