FrontBase 2.22 - Release Notes

FrontBase 2.22 is a maintenance release mainly aimed at the imminent release of Mac OS X, but will shortly be available for the other supported platforms as well. Additionally a number of bugs have been fixed.

We have also added a nice little utility, called FBInfoCenter, that can help track down license and network configuration problems. FBInfoCenter is a command line tool and is found in <install path>/FrontBase/bin.

If you are currently running 2.20, you can simply install 2.22 on top of the existing installation. You do NOT have to export/import existing databases. If you are running earlier versions of FrontBase, we not only recommend that you do install 2.22, but also that you carry out an export/import procedure for existing databases.

If you experience any problems with upgrading to 2.22, please feel free to forward these to

Fixed bugs

Extracting the month from a DATE value now works.

CAST(<DECIMAL value> TO INT) didn't remove the fraction part.<

Sometimes the FBManager would enter a modal loop you couldn't force it out of.

Fetching DATE and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE values has been optimized (on the client side).

SELECT DISTINCT on more than 100 columns caused the server to crash.

The sql92 command line tool now supports the SHOW DATABASES; command.

UPDATE operations have been optimized wrt. index management.

CURRENT_DATE was one hour off.

Changing a BIT(96) column to BYTE(12) now works.

Permissions on the database file are set to be more restrictive.

Certain SELECT AVG(<expr>) ... variants returned a result not properly converted to the actual datatype.