FrontBase 3.5e - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes, and improved installation.

An existing databases directory is not overwritten by the installation.

FrontBase 3.5e - Bug fixes

Two bugs related to high frequency of clients connecting and disconnecting to the server.

Privileges were not granted properly to ADDed columns.

Privileges weren't checked properly in TEST AND SET LOCKING.

SELECT from a table with a very long table and column names caused a crash.

CREATE TABLE was still accepted when READ ONLY was specified as transaction setting.

A trailing comma in a CREATE TABLE statement is now reported as a syntax error.

The UNION set operator has been fixed (for a special case).

Assigned a value to an undefined VARCHAR variable caused the server to crash.

Certain assignments of values to OUT parameters weren't visible after the CALL.

Omitting a value in a VALUES table expression caused the server to crash.

CREATE INDEX on a table using PRESERVE SPACE and from which rows have been deleted caused the server to crash.

Certain nested OR predicates caused the server to crash.

Certain applications of CAST to a numeric type failed to generate an exception.

POSITION didn't work correctly.

SELECT COUNT(*) in a VIEW definition didn't work correctly.