FrontBase 3.6b - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes, and improved performance.

FrontBase 3.6b - Bug fixes

The LIKE operator worked, in many cases, incorrectly in conjunction with indexes.

sql92, the command line tool, could crash when it received certain multiple result set meta data, e.g. when a stored procedure did many INSERTs in a loop.

sql92, the command line tool, can now format INTERVAL values correctly for display.

SELECT COUNT(*) as a scalar subquery would in certain circumstances, e.g. in an INSERT, always return 1.

AVG was calculated incorrectly for NUMERIC and DECIMAL values.

UNIQUE constraints weren't properly checked when a table was UPDATEd via a VIEW.

Certain optimizations and enhancements has gone into the implementation of LEFT OUTER JOINs.

Two column indexes weren't used if the component for the last column contained the <> operator.

The -daemon command line option will put the server in the background as soon as it is able to accept connections from users.