FrontBase 3.6.10 - Release Notes

Release numbering

The release numbering has been changed to conform to the prevailing trend. The release number is now of the <major>.<minor>.<micro> type where the micro number is replacing the previous letter notation. The major number is increased when major changes have been implemented, when you upgrade from from one major release to the next the existing databases must converted as well. The minor number is upgraded when minor chages have been implemented, you need not convert existing databases, but you cannot downgrade without converting existing databases back using a WRITE ALL export. The micro number is increased when changes is not a major or minor change, basically whenever a change is made, i.e. you need not convert existing databases, and you can freely downgrade.

This is otherwise a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes, and improved performance.

FrontBase 3.6.10 - Bug fixes

The legacy outer join constructs have been given an overhaul and should now work (except for making use of indexes).

CAST(CAST(0 AS DECIMAL(10,2)) AS CHARACTER(14)) produced '0' insead of '0.00'.

Creating a UNIQUE constraint on a table from which rows had been deleted, produced incorrect row indexes for rows that violated the constraint.

ADD/DROP column statements are now only allowed if there are no previous constructs in the transaction that has referenced rows in the given table.

Zero length BLOBs caused problems in replication and cluster configurations.

DECLARE <variable> statements weren't always replicated.

Integer division sometimes returned 0 unconditionally.

Multiplication of two DOUBLE PRECISION numbers where one of the operands had 38 digits caused the server to crash or produced an incorrect result.

Changing the length of a CHARACTER/VARCHAR column dropped the collation on the associated datatype.

SUBSTRING could produce incorrect results if a string literal contained non-ASCII characters.

The query optimizer has been further enhanced.