FrontBase 3.6.19 - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes and improved performance

FrontBase 3.6.19 - Bug fixes

CASTing BIT expressions to CHAR or VARCHAR, could cause the server to crash due to a memory overwrite.



EXTRACT(YEAR|MONTH|DAY FROM <date expr>) returned incorrect values if <date expr> denoted the last day in a leap year.

In certain cases, the TOP result set "limitor" didn't work if a two-column index was hit.

Incorrect error messages were produced when certain types of UNIQUE constraints were created.

INTERVAL literal values weren't written correctly during a WRITE ALL (of stored procedures).

A <sub query> as a <select list item> is a scalar expression and requires a GROUP BY specifier (in case a GROUP BY clause is applied to the SELECT), this check wasn't done correctly.

Use of a two-column index could cause the server to crash if the "last" value for the index was a BETWEEN.

Numerous bugs related to OUTER JOINs have been fixed.

The startup item for FrontBase is now dependent on the disk system.

A softlinked database directory is now preserved when a FrontBase is installed or upgraded, previous version would replace the softlink with a directory.


Fixed bug in FBJStatement.setMaxRows (The max rows setting was not respected).

Fixed bug in FBJStatement.setFetchSize (0 not accepted).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.setFetchSize (0 not accepted).

Fixed bug in FBJPreparedStatement.setBytes (Was creating a BLOB instead of a BIT/BYTE).

Fixed bug in FBJConnection.getCatalog (Returned 00000).

Fixed bug in FBJConnection.writeFromInputStream (Specific lengths not handled properly).

Removed workaround in FBJPreparedStatement.setTimestamp (Related to the bug fix below).

Fixed bug in FBJRowHandler.unpackDateTime (Certain situations generated false precision).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.close (Certain situations generated a NullPointerException).

Exception handling has been made FBExec independent.

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet get methods (Unpacking of WITH TIME ZONE data types wrong).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet get methods (Unpacking large numbers with high precision wrong).

Performance issues introduced by the previous version have been fixed.

Changed the package to com.frontbase.jdbc (Standard naming convention).

Removed use of FBJTime and FBJTimestamp (Conflict with the JDBC API).

Fixed bug in FBJPreparedStatement.setTimestamp (Bug related to variable precision length).

Massive structural changes.

Server version is no longer retreived from FBJDatabaseMetaData when a connection is created.

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.absolute (Bug in the positive positioning of the cursor).

Fixed bug in FBJDriver.connect (Unacceptable urls not discarded properly).

Fixed bug in FBJPreparedStatement.setBlob (Only accepted FBJBlob objects).

Fixed bug in FBJPreparedStatement.setObject (Datetime object types not handled properly).

FrontBase PlugIn 2.4

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.sqlStringForKeyValueQualifier (ESCAPE appeared in insets and updates).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.createTableStatementsForEntityGroup (Bug in SQL generation).

Added support for precision on TIME and TIMESTAMP data types.

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.formatValueForAttribute(Bug in handling of booleans).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.formatValueForAttribute(Bug in handling of booleans).

Changes the plugin to comply with the new package name of the driver.

Changes the plugin so it can take advantage of variable schema names.

Merged files in the plugin.

Jar package contained in the plugin now in lower casing.

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.createTableStatementsForEntityGroup (Bug in SQL generation for derived columns).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.formatValueForAttribute (Clob handles not handled correct).