FrontBase 3.6.14 - Release Notes

FrontBase 3.6.14 is a maintenance release with just a couple of changes over 3.6.12.

The query optimizer has been tweaked one more time to try and make sure that queries are executed as fast as possible.

FrontBase 3.6.14 - Bug fixes

Multiple constraints on a single table of which some where IMMEDIATE and others were DEFERRED, could cause the server to execute incorrect constraint checks if the transaction setting was REPEATABLE READ, OPTIMISTIC.

On some platforms, at least Red Hat Intel, a result set with zero rows could cause the server to crash (bug introduced with 3.6.10).

A left outer join with an empty table, reduced via a WHERE clause, as the left hand operand would produce an incorrect result set.

sql92 Command Line Tool 3.6.14

Filename completion is now supported within quotes.