FrontBase 3.6.21 - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes and improved performance.

FrontBase 3.6.21 - BugFixes

The select top would only return the first row the select is based on an indexed column.

select top(0,30) * from t0 would generate a syntax error.

select top with group by clause would in some cases generate incorrect results.

Prepared alter column statements caused the server to crash.

The use of global temporary tables caused in some cases the server to crash.

sql92 command line tool

The sql92 command line tool now supports positional parameters. If you invoke sql92 with the command:

sql92 <script-to-execute> arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

The arguments is referred to as $1, $2, $3 ... The $n is expanded to the corresponding argument. Arguments are not expanded within quoted string, and $$ is expanded to $. Undefined arguments are expanded as the empty string.

JDBC 2.3.1

Fixed bug in FBJDatabaseMetaData.getColumns.

FrontBase PlugIn 2.5

Removed debug information that had found its way into the release.