FrontBase 3.6.27 - Release Notes

Installation and upgrade

The FrontBase startup item is modified such that a stop will stop the FBExec process and all FrontBase processes. Previous version did only stop the FBExec process.

As part of a FrontBase upgrade all running FrontBase database server processes are stopped, and the databases marked to be started automatically will be started again.

If you upgrade from 3.6b or earlier, we recommend that you upgrade your databases through an export/import process (WRITE ALL with the old version + import into a new database with the new version).

Performance for in particular bulk INSERTs and UPDATEs have been improved, you should see a 10-20% improvement in execution times.

FrontBase 3.6.27 - BugFixes

GROUP BY on a column that had an explicit COLLATION specified caused a semantic error.

FULL JOIN followed by a LEFT JOIN was not calculated correctly.

CHECK constraints that contain a qualified name referencing its "own" table caused a semantic error.

TIMESTAMP values before 1902 and after 2038 weren't dealt with correctly.

Certain INNER JOIN constructs caused a semantic error.

Subtracting INTERVAL '01' YEAR from e.g. TIMESTAMP '2004-02-20 10:00:00' caused a run-time exeception ('2003-02-29 10:00:00' isn't a legal date). '2003-02-28 10:00:00' is now returned.

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT <column name>), <column> FROM ... wasn't calculated correctly.

PREPARE SELECT * FROM <view>; caused the server to crash.

PREPARE ... LEFT OUTER JOIN ... ON ...; caused the server to crash.

JDBC 2.4.2

Changed FBJConnection.stopDatabase (Added specific exception handling).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.FBJResultSet (fetchBatch called on Extract statements).

Fixed bug in FBJDriver.connect (Causing certain URLs to be invalidate incorrectly).

Fixed bug in FBJPreparedStatement.execute (Returned false even if a ResultSet was available).

Fixed bug in FBJDriver.acceptURL (Causing certain URLs to be invalidate incorrectly).

Fixed bug in FBJSecureInputSteram.decrypt (Causing secure communication to fail).

Fixed bug in FBJConnection.stopDatabase.

FrontBase PlugIn 2.6.1

JDBC driver update.

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.createTableStatementsForEntityGroup (Bug in SQL generation).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.formatValueForAttribute (Behavior for Numeric and Decimal data types changed).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.formatValueForAttribute (Value not converted correctly when using Value Type i with NUMERIC data type).

Fixed bug in FrontBasePlugIn.sqlStringForKeyValueQualifier (Non String type qualifiers not handled correctly).