FrontBase 4.1.1 - Release Notes


FrontBase 4.1.1 represents the newest major upgrade to FrontBase and continues the established trend with significant new features being added in a mature fashion. Due to time constraints, there is no new version of the FrontBaseManager included as well as no detailed documentation of the new features. We are working on remedying this situation, but various customers have kindly asked us to release an official 4 build now.

Please observe that there is NO binary compatibility between FrontBase 3.x and FrontBase 4.x databases (see below).

All your existing applications that works with FrontBase 3.x, should work unmodified with FrontBase 4.x, i.e. there are no client side library changes.

The most significant new or enhanced features in FrontBase 4.1.1 are:

Some of the new features that will be introduced with later versions of 4.x are:

Installation and upgrade

If you are installing FrontBase 4.x on a system with no previous FrontBase installation or if you don't care about existing FrontBase 3.x databases, read no further. Simply install FrontBase 4.x and start using it.

If you are currently using FrontBase 3.x and wish to migrate existing databases, you will need to export each database into a flat-file version using the WRITE ALL statement (connect as _SYSTEM):

WRITE ALL OUTPUT(DIR = '<path>', TYPE = 'FrontBase', CONTENT = TRUE);

It could be a good idea to generate a backup prior to the WRITE ALL:


Install FrontBase 4.x. For each database you want to migrate, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a new database with the same name (or a different name per your liking). It may be necessary to specify the -create option to create a new database unconditionally.
  2. Connect as _system and execute this command:
    script /schema.sql;

Once the script command has completed, the database should now be in 4.x format. If you have any problems upgrading to FrontBase 4.x or migrating databases, feel free to send an e-mail to