FrontBase 3.6.36 - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes.

FrontBase 3.6.36 - BugFixes

DROPping a user with granted privileges didn't drop the privileges.

In extremely rare cases the evaluation of a range predicate would give an incorrect result.

DELETE ... WHERE INDEX IN (SELECT ...) was incorrectly transformed to ... INDEX = (SELECT ...)

SELECT DISTINCT C0*2.54/300 ... caused incorrect "Data Exception - Numeric value out of range" messages.

In certain cases, GROUP BY select statements would return a row count of 1 as part of the metadata for the select.

JDBC 2.4.7

Fixed bug in FBJConnection.getCatalog (Certain result set not released properly).

Added method FBJConnection.getSessionTimeZone (Returns the current session time zone).

Added method FBJDatabaseMetadata.getDatabaseCreationVersion (Returns the version of the server which was used to create the database).

Changed method FBJDatabaseMetadata.getDriverSubVersion (Changed access modifier to public).

JDBC 2.4.6

Fixed bug in FBJStatement.execute (Certain result set not released properly).

JDBC 2.4.5

Fixed bug in FBJExecHandler.startDatabaseWithOptions (options not written to .options file).

Fixed bug in FBJExecHandler.getOptionsForDatabaseNamed (incorrect result when .options file empty).

JDBC 2.4.4

Fixed bug in FBJMetaData.isFetchDone (caused unnecessary cancelFetch to be called).

JDBC 2.4.3

Changed FBJConnection.stopDatabase (Added specific exception handling).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.FBJResultSet (fetchBatch called on Extract statements).