FrontBase 4.1.6 - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes.

FrontBase 4.1.6 - Bug fixes:

LookSee has been enhanced to support COLLATIONs properly. Further documentation will follow, for urgent needs, please e-mail to

Using the keyword AT as an identifier could cause the server to crash.

Outer column references in an IN predicate could lead to incorrect result sets.

Place holders would in certain cases lead to incorrect error messages when a prepared statement was executed ("Missing value for place holder").

In certain situations a query running in REPEATABLE READ, OPTIMISTIC could become very slow if other connections were accessing the same tables, as referenced in the query, simultaneously with the query.

CASTing character strings to CLOB could cause the server to stop.

<column> LIKE <expr> COLLATE <collation> would incorrectly use an index on <column>.

SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION <user> + ROLLBACK caused an incorrect state in the server.

HAVING <column> <op> <expr> didn't work properly.

VALUES(CAST (TIMESTAMP '2002-01-01 23:59:59-07:00' AS DATE)); returned DATE '2002-01-02'.

CAST(<column> AS FLOAT) * 86400 the calculated FLOAT value wasn't properly truncated wrt. mantissa.

DROPping a user with granted privileges didn't drop the privileges.

In extremely rare cases the evaluation of a range predicate would give an incorrect result.

DELETE ... WHERE INDEX IN (SELECT ...) was incorrectly transformed to ... INDEX = (SELECT ...)

SELECT DISTINCT C0*2.54/300 ... caused incorrect "Data Exception - Numeric value out of range" messages.

In certain cases, GROUP BY select statements would return a row count of 1 as part of the metadata for the select.

A connection using the isolation levels, read committed and repeatable read would during table scans cause unnecessary dead lock situations causing the transaction in question to fail.

In certain situations the restored databases containing blobs would leave the blobs inaccessible. The problem with the restore have been solved, and the server will not leave the blobs inaccessible even if the database was restored by a previous version.

Privileges for for dropped users were inherited by a newly created user.

Restore of a backup with blobs would set the size of the blob incorrectly, causing the blob to be inaccessible.

JDBC 2.4.7

Fixed bug in FBJConnection.getCatalog (Certain result set not released properly).

Added method FBJConnection.getSessionTimeZone (Returns the current session time zone).

Added method FBJDatabaseMetadata.getDatabaseCreationVersion (Returns the version of the server which was used to create the database).

Changed method FBJDatabaseMetadata.getDriverSubVersion (Changed access modifier to public).

JDBC 2.4.6

Fixed bug in FBJStatement.execute (Certain result set not released properly).

JDBC 2.4.5

Fixed bug in FBJExecHandler.startDatabaseWithOptions (options not written to .options file).

Fixed bug in FBJExecHandler.getOptionsForDatabaseNamed (incorrect result when .options file empty).

JDBC 2.4.4

Fixed bug in FBJMetaData.isFetchDone (caused unnecessary cancelFetch to be called).

JDBC 2.4.3

Changed FBJConnection.stopDatabase (Added specific exception handling).

Fixed bug in FBJResultSet.FBJResultSet (fetchBatch called on Extract statements).


The FBWebManager have been overhauled.

FrontBaseManager 4.1

Sometimes when editing schema objects and an error was encountered, no further changes could be made until you made a new connection to the database. This has been corrected.

When viewing table content and adding a where clause, you can now use the ESC button to refetch objects.

When editing table definitions the order of the columns is the order retrieved from the database server. Now you can sort the columns by their name by clicking the header of the 'Name' column.

When updating table definitions you would have manually end the editing for the update to take effect. This has been changed.

The sql for retrieving privilege information has been optimized.

The two columns: 'Transaction #' and 'Calls' in the usage pane can now be resized.