FrontBase 4.1.16 - Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes and optimizations.

The memory management system have been adapted to enhance performance on multiprocessor system.

Certain not too complicated SELECT COUNT(*) statements with count(*) have been optimized.

The comparison of NaN's was not ordering, causing index lookups, in some cases, to return incorrect results.

The server now logs connection details when it receives an unknown command from a client.

Stored procedures was not always written correctly to the schema file during a WRITE ALL.

Use of CONVERT now generates a completion condition instead of causing the server to loop or crash.

Certain attempts at index optimizing failed when "<column> = <literal>" was combined with a join (<column> = <column>).

Altering the data type of a column could in rare cases render indexes unusable.

LEFT is now allowed as an identifier.

In contrast to comparison predicates, the LIKE predicate should not use the collation pad specifications, the collation is typically specifying space padding.

If e.g. UPDATE statements was used with the ExecuteQuery method in JDBC (and the similar mechanism in WO 4.5), the protocol between the client and server would be broken leading to "strange" results and exceptions on the client side.

FrontBaseManager 4.4.5

Some special characters were not allowed in the sql view.

FrontBaseManager 4.4.4

When creating named constraints, the schema name is now added to the constraint name.

FrontBaseManager 4.4.3

A number of windows used when editing a table definition have been made resizable.

FrontBaseManager 4.4.2

When importing data, the list of tables available was not updated between imports. This has been corrected.

FrontBaseManager 4.4.1

When clicking the License option in the connection pane, no information was displayed. This has been corrected.

FrontBaseManager 4.4

FrontBaseManager now saves size and position of opened windows.

FrontBase PlugIn 2.6.2

JDBC driver update