FrontBase 4.2.1 - Release Notes

FrontBase 4.2 includes an improved query optimizer. Most queries should execute as fast as in earlier releases, but for some multi-table queries with joins, the previous query optimizer made some less than optimal choices which could result in slower than expected execution times. The new query optimizer should make the correct choices in all cases.

Various minor bugs, mostly related to an earlier SELECT COUNT(*) optimization, have been fixed. 4.2 also contains the beginnings on an implementation of TRIGGERs which is planned enabled with 4.3.

FrontBaseJManager 0.505 (Beta)

The java based FrontBase manager. On Mac OS X its wrapped as an application but the jar runs on Windows and Linux as well.


J2RE 1.4 or later.
FrontBase JDBC driver (included).


Make sure the frontbasejdbc.jar (JDBC driver) file can be located in your Java CLASSPATH or is in the Java extensions folder. If you are using an existing version of the JDBC driver then please update it with the version that ships with this release of FrontBaseJManager.

To use the backup management pane with databases running on Mac OS X you must replace the current version of the FBExec with the version contained within this release. To do this, stop the running FBExec process, replace the file in the bin folder of your installation and then restart the process.

The FrontBaseJManager.jar file can be double clicked to start the application. You can also start the application from the command line by using:

   java -jar FrontBaseJManager.jar


Currently there is no documentation but the most of the functionality follows from that provided in FrontBaseManager.

Backup Management Pane

Currently this functionality is only supported by databases on Mac OS X running the version of FBExec which is available as part of this release. To update the FBExec stop the running version and replace the file in the bin folder of your installation.

From this pane you can only list backups contained in the default location, i.e. the Backups folder of the FrontBase installation. Only backups created with the default filename in the form B_YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS will be listed. When a database is selected then it's backups are displayed in order of the most recent. You can create, restore and delete backups from this panel. Also the list will mark backups which have expired either because they are older than the backup expiry limit or older than a specified date. You can then delete all expired backups. These expiry settings are configurable from the preferences panel. By default no backups expire.

Bugs and Comments

Please report any new bugs or comments to


   Mac OS X 10.4.3   J2RE 1.4.2_09/1.5.0_02
   Win2000           J2RE 1.5.0_05
   WinXP             J2RE 1.5.0_05
   RedHat 9 (GNOME)  J2RE 1.5.0_05

Bug fixes in 0.505

Enhancements in 0.504

Bug fixes in 0.504

Enhancements in 0.503

Bug fixes in 0.503

Known Bugs

FrontBase PlugIn 2.6.3

Fixed bug in framework (FrontBasePlugIn object corrupted).