FrontBase 4.2.7

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes and optimizations.

FrontBase 4.2.7

Constraints with ON DELETE SET NULL could cause excessive null constraint violations.

Deleting from updateable view could delete too many rows.

The resulting type of a null fixed string in a row value construction was 0, causing a data exception to be raised.

EXTRACT MONTH incorrectly included timezone information.

SELECT UNIQUE used within stored procedures was not transaction logged correctly.

Updates of tables when using versioned isolation level was not reported.

OPTIMIZE DATABASE is less inclined to starve other database clients.

A LookSee index may now contain more than one row. This is described in the LookSee 2.4 documentation found on the Document section of

SELECT COUNT(*) have been optimized when used in joins.

Definitions of new Timezone names were added (Windows only).


It is now possible to throttle the sql92 load on the server with the command:

   THROTTLE [%|s];

If s is specified the command will wait the specified seconds. If x% is specified it will wait (100-x)/x times the real time elapsed since the last execution of the throttle command, which means that sql92 is only active x% of the available real time.

The numbering of agent connections in the show usage is now unique.