FrontBase version 5 is a major upgrade which is NOT binary compatible with FrontBase 4. In order to migrate databases from FrontBase 4 to FrontBase 5 is is necessary to perform an export of the data to the architecture neutral format with FrontBase 4, create a new FrontBase 5 database, and import the data again.

FrontBase 5 includes a number of new features of which the most important is the full 64 bit mode, which greatly enhance the caching capabilities of the server. Consequently it is possible to specify rdd cache larger than 1800 M.

FrontBase 5 supports 2**60 rows per table.

FrontBase 5 offers improved performance when dealing with many small write transactions.

The FBExec is now started by launchd the replacement for startup items.

The new sql92 command sql92 support an option for specifying a database on the command

The second form uses localhost and _system, the third form use _system as defaults