Hello FrontBase Users,

We are very pleased to announce a mailing list for all developers working with FrontBase (finally some would say :o). The list, which is called fb-dev, is intended as an open forum for sharing all the FrontBase expertise that we know is out there.

We will monitor the list and will moderate if a thread is fraying too far away from a development issue, but will otherwise try to be as anonymous as possible. If you become a member of the fb-dev list, you will thus NOT receive a continuous stream of marketing or sales oriented postings from FrontBase, Inc.

It is very easy to become a member of fb-dev, simply send an e-mail to:

It is equally easy to remove your membership, simply send an e-mail to:

We truly hope that fb-dev will quickly become a good and inspiring forum, in particular because of YOUR postings, so don't hesitate: Sign up now.

Kind regards

Geert B. Clemmensen