FrontBase Distribution 4.2.9

This is a maintenance release with focus on bug fixes and optimizations.

FrontBase 4.2.9

The agent connection executing a WRITE BACKUP is now throttled such that the disk is not monopolized, which could starve other agent connections.

The query optimizer has been improved wrt. dealing with IN predicates more efficiently.

The amount of RAM used for when evaluating stored procedures has been reduced.

Incorrect collation used in connection with a LIKE operator on the information_schema.users table.

Initially deferred constraints was not always checked in connection with inserts.

sql92 command line tool

The new sql92 command

If s is specified the command will wait float seconds, if % is specified the command will wait such that the overall load will be float percent. The command is intended to regulate the load on a server during massive imports.

The set format format string have been enhanced such that blobs may be expanded with the %B flag and the general printf format strings can be specified with %p. There is no checks of the compatibility of the column values and the printf format string, so you may get unexpected results.

It also possible to refer to column by their label.

The complete SET FORMAT '<format>';:

If the column or the width is omitted they are interpreted as 0.

The flags expands to

The expanded string is padded with spaces to the width.

%[{<width>}<template>|{<template>] iterates over all columns and expands the template for each. If the <column> is not spefied inside the iterator the current column is referenced. The first column is expanded using the first template and the following columns by expanding the second.

The %*<flag> from is a shorthand for %[%<flag>|,<%flag>].

The %% expand to %.

Other expansions:

JDBC 2.5.2

JDBC 2.5.1

Changes in FrontBase JDBC 2.5.0