FrontBase™ Offers Exclusive Support of Unicode Standard for Mac OS X

Relational database server takes leadership role with exclusive support for Unicode®

Foothill Ranch, CA (February 21, 2001) FrontBase, a scalable relational database server, offers the Mac OS X community a unique opportunity to deliver and deploy true internationally capable database applications. By offering exclusive support for the Unicode standard, FrontBase delivers the database engine required by today’s international and Internet driven applications.

"When the specification for FrontBase was laid down, we had the unique opportunity to decide on the latest ground breaking technology standards, with Unicode being one of the most important", said Geert B. Clemmensen, Founder and CEO of FrontBase, Inc. He continued, "With Mac OS X and its strong Unicode capabilities, Apple Computer is clearly leading the way and we are proud to be a part of the launch of this new and exciting state-of-the-art operating system".

Softmagic of San Jose, CA had for some time been searching for a relational database server that would be a perfect match for its Project-M, a Cocoa based publishing suite. With the inherent requirements, stemming from its Korean background, Project-M needed to properly handle multiple character sets, Softmagic found the solution in FrontBase. President and CEO of Softmagic, Min Soo Kim says, "We have successfully been using FrontBase with Project-M for Japanese, Korean and Chinese projects and we are truly impressed with how well FrontBase has been able to serve us and our customers".

FrontBase was first released for Mac OS X Server in March 1999. Another key focus has always been the launch of Mac OS X including compatibility with Mac OS X Public Beta. FrontBase is an industrial strength relational database server which offers Mac OS X users the opportunity to deploy scalable database driven applications on their favorite platform.

FrontBase can be downloaded from and with less than 2 MB download size, it can be downloaded and installed in only a few minutes. Also available is a free full-featured developer license.

FrontBase, Inc. develops and markets the FrontBase relational database server and is backed by venture capital firm 2M Invest. FrontBase, Inc. is headquartered in Foothill Ranch, CA and has development offices in Denmark and Germany.


FrontBase, Inc. (USA)
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FrontBase A/S (International)
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