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October 25, 2000
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Kjerag and FrontBase announces the launch of, the first pan-European multilingual Internet resource of practical information for outdoor and endurance sports, developed using WebObjects and the seamlessly integrated FrontBase™ Database Server.

Europe 17 October 2000. ( and FrontBase Inc. ( are pleased to announce the launch of, Europe’s first truly multilingual website dedicated to outdoor, action and endurance sports - a site created through the exclusive use of the combination of WebObjects and the FrontBase database server. Geert B. Clemmensen, CTO and founder of FrontBase Inc. says: "In many ways, is the perfect example of inventive use of the opportunities that we wish to offer all enterprises. We greatly enjoy our collaboration with the team and are confident that they will get the success they really deserve."

The founder of, Raymond Dulieu, is a man of vision and firm convictions. He wanted to create a one-stop forum on the Internet that was not about drawing people in, but about getting them back out into the real world. In his quest for technology to match the philosophy behind, he found the perfect combination in WebObjects with FrontBase.

"The people at FrontBase Inc. offer a dynamic, creative and flexible approach to database technology as part of their excellent customer service", says Dulieu. He eagerly stresses the ease of application building: "We wanted a content management system that could grow indefinitely, that could manage several languages, that could be accessible via any computer connected to the internet and that could be used without any technical knowledge. This was the challenge we gave FrontBase; no-one else were able to do that. To date no content management solution is faster and user friendlier. Thanks to FrontBase’s input we went even further. We now offer third party web sites the opportunity to use our application to manage parts of or their entire Internet site. In addition, those affiliated sites access original content stored on our central database and shared live between them. Each site retaining its autonomy and ability to select in up to four languages. The content most suited to its audience."

"It is refreshing to find that what FrontBase promise, they deliver", he adds: "FrontBase said that they would provide a completely scalable solution which would let us fulfill our visions, and then went on to do just that. Of course, the fact that we saved huge amounts on initial product costs and that maintenance is virtually cost-free is a valuable bonus. Also the FrontBase Database server runs on the most used platforms, so we’ll never get caught in a corner this way. And these guys certainly know their way around the Internet."

Dulieu also emphasizes the endless scope offered by the FrontBase Inc’s solution: "Now that this system is established, there are ample opportunities for expansion and diversification - the more bandwidth will be available to end users the more interactive and entertaining our service offering will be. If we had not teamed up with FrontBase, we could not innovate."

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