StudioSendai and announce licensing of FrontBase database for first Mac OS X Intranet Groupware

Switzerland/Denmark, July 14, 2000 - StudioSendai, based in Bern, Switzerland ( and FrontBase ( today announced that StudioSendai will license and bundle FrontBase’s database product FrontBase™ with its upcoming Groupware product, GroupVille. A fully functional release candidate of GroupVille is now available for evaluation. The bundle can be downloaded for free at The solution will also be shown at Macworld New York, booth 1631.

FrontBase is a full SQL 92 compliant database with a number of outstanding features, such as stringent transaction control, Unicode 2.0 support, tera-byte size databases, encryption and row-level privilege facilities. Additionally, FrontBase can be administrated from any web browser.

GroupVille is a new Groupware and Scheduling tool allowing easy publishing and sharing of data and work processes with pre-built components. GroupVille servers (Mac OS X Server or Windows NT with WebObjects application server) can be accessed by any web browser in an Intranet or over the Internet.

"We have worked with FrontBase since the early development stages of our Groupware project and are very pleased with the speed and reliability of FrontBase and the rapid support from the their people", says Marc Oesch of StudioSendai. "We wanted to offer our customers a powerful relational database at an attractive set price - Frontbase was the perfect match."

"Working with professional database application developers like StudioSendai is always a pleasure" comments Geert B. Clemmensen, CEO of FrontBase, and he continues: "We see GroupVille as an exciting product with a solid future and StudioSendai’s decision to bundle FrontBase with their product is an important milestone for us".

Introductory pricing for GroupVille bundled with FrontBase starts at below $1000 for a complete client/server groupware solution. Discounts for academic and non-profit customers are available. GroupVille is expected to be available in summer 2000 in localized versions for Mac OS X Server with WebObjects and soon therafter, Windows NT with WebObjects.

Press contact:

Marc Oesch
Phone: + 41 31 398 51 00

Benedicte Bodilsen
Phone: +45 45 82 62 62
email: bb@frontbase of Bern, Switzerland develops software and new media for business persons and consumers worldwide. StudioSendai’s Groupware product GroupVille is the first web-based Groupware based on Apple’s advanced Mac OS X / WebObjects environments.

FrontBase is the developer of FrontBase, the only high end database server for Mac OS X Server but also available on a number of other platforms.

WebObjects and Mac OS X Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.