The FrontBase™ documentation consists of a number of PDF documents and html documents that can be displayed in the browser or downloaded for reading offline. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Please send feedback to doc-feedback.

FrontBase User's Guide, Release 4.x  (zip 5.2MB)
 (pdf 5.4MB)

A document that describes the components of FrontBase.

LookSee 2.4

HTML document

Gives an introduction to the LookSee full text indexing and search facilities, now including support for muti-column indexes, implemented as of FrontBase 4.2.7.
Notifications 8.x

 (pdf 0.2MB)

Notifications: A way of keeping clients in sync. Available as of FrontBase 8.2.16.

An Omnis Studio Application

 (pdf 2.5MB)

Describes how to use Omnis Studio as a front end to a FrontBase database.

Old Documentation

A WebObjects Application

 (pdf 5.6MB)

This document will guide you through a complete process from where to get FrontBase for FREE, through the database model and table definition/creation, and web application development.

Building a Database with Qilan©

 (pdf 670KB)

Explains how to use FrontBase with Quilan.

FrontBase product sheets

FrontBase product sheets are available as downloadable PDF documents that outline the Mac OS X and Linux versions of the FrontBase Relational Database Server

Mac OS X product sheet
Linux product sheet
FrontBase Manager product sheet

Learning more about SQL 92

You can always get hold of a copy of the standard itself from either ANSI or ISO, but the standard is not really aimed at users. A better way to get acquainted with SQL 92 is to buy "A Guide to SQL Standard (4th Edition)" by C. J. Date and Hugh Darwen. This book explains all concepts and constructs of SQL 92, sometimes with quite an academic viewpoint, but nonetheless very complete and absolutely readable and understandable.

The book is published by Addison-Wesley and has ISBN #: 0-201-96426-0. An easy way to order this book is to go to, but your local bookstore will most likely be able to help you as well.