FrontBase Drivers and Adaptors

The following is a brief overview of the drivers and adaptors that make FrontBase an extremely flexible database for application development. All of the following are available to download from our ’Downloads’ section.

ODBC and JDBC drivers

The ODBC and JDBC drivers allow developers to employ the ’generic’ front-end of their choice. Applications that use these standards for connectivity are wide-ranging and diverse. The ODBC driver is for use with WinNT/2000/ME/98. Details about establishing a connection with each driver can be found in the readme files supplied with the drivers.

Web Objects 5 plugin

We have a release version (currently 1.3) of our WO5 plugin available for download and evaluation. The readme supplied with the download demonstrates how to connect and use the FrontBase plugin with WebObjects 5 on Mac OS X.


These plugins are for REALbasic 3.0 PPC running on MacOS Classic (8/9) and REALbasic 3.0 Carbon running on MacOS X.

PHP 3 and PHP 4

The API for these adaptors is based on the respective adaptors for MYSQL. Where functions begin with mysql_ in the MYSQL adaptors they begin with fbsql_ in the FrontBase adaptors. The most obvious advantage of this similarity is that porting a PHP application to FrontBase is relatively simple. The PHP 4 driver is for php4.0.6 (release) and php4.0.7-dev (current dev version).

Omnis Studio DAM

A release DAM (Data Access Module) for Omnis Studio 3.x is available from our download page. This DAM provides developers with a rich RAD environment to compliment FrontBase for development. The DAM is currently available for MacOS Classic (8/9) MacOS X and Win32. Documentation is included in the download package.

Tcl driver

FrontBase now supports development with Tool Command Language (Tcl) the simple, open source scripting language available cross-platform.

Perl adaptor

The Perl adaptor is a Perl Database Interface or DBI. It is based on the DBD for PostgreSQL and supports most features offered by DBI.

If you experience problems with any of these drivers and adaptors please mail us at and we will investigate the issue as a matter of course.