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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

4.6. Keeping Current

FrontBase is continually improved. If you have obtained FrontBase from a CD-ROM or bundled with your operating system or computer, you most likely are not running the latest version (or reading the latest documentation!).

Determining which version of FrontBase is running

Using this tool... Do this...
sql92 command-line tool

FBWebManager web-based tool

FBManager GUI tool (MacOS X and Windows NT only)

Establish a connection to a FrontBase database, then execute the following SQL statement:


The version of FrontBase currently running as well as the version of FrontBase used to create the database will be returned.

Determining the latest version of FrontBase

The front page of the FrontBase website indicates the latest version number of FrontBase at the bottom-right of the page. If this version is later than the version you are running, you should upgrade.

Upgrading your FrontBase server

When you need to upgrade, proceed to section 2.1 Download and Install FrontBase. Choose your platform and download the FrontBase software. If you currently have a previous version of FrontBase installed and running on your server, pay careful attention to the upgrade instructions!

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