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Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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Welcome to the online documentation for FrontBase. We're continually updating this document – adding articles, fixing errors, explaining things more clearly. If you're reading the copy installed with your FrontBase server, be sure to check the latest version online or download the latest zip archive:

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This document is intended for both sequential and "drill-down" exploration. The top of the page always contains a path back to the root (this page) on the left and previous/next page links on the right. Sections contains tables of contents listing subsections and articles.

This release of this document corresponds to FrontBase version 2.18, released 22-Sep-2000.

Section/Article Description
1. Introducing FrontBase This article introduces you to FrontBase from "50,000 feet". It explains client server architectures, database servers, FrontBase in particular, and describes typical applications. It lists key features of FrontBase, which are fully explained later.
2. Installing FrontBase This section walks you through the process of installing FrontBase on any of the supported server platforms. It also explains how to obtain and install a free or paid license.
3. FrontBase Specifications The key features of FrontBase are defined and explained in this section.
4. Administering a FrontBase Server Administering a FrontBase server is quite simple. This section teaches you how to do a few necessary tasks.
5. SQL 92 FrontBase adheres fairly strictly to the SQL 92 standard and accepted extensions. Several tutorials and references are presented to familiarize you with working with standard SQL 92.
6. Original Documentation This section contains the original documentation for FrontBase. You will find this useful for topics not yet covered in the new documentation.

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