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Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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5. SQL 92

FrontBase adheres fairly strictly to the SQL 92 standard and accepted extensions. This section shows you how to get started, describes FrontBase datatypes, and explains FrontBase extensions to the SQL 92 language.

Section/Article Description
5.1. SQL 92 Primer This section provides a primer to key SQL 92 concepts implemented by FrontBase. These concepts may be different from what you're accustomed if you've used less compliant databases.
5.2. SQL Tutorial This section provides an introductory tutorial covering important SQL 92 concepts and FrontBase features.
5.3. FrontBase Datatypes This section describes SQL 92, SQL3, and proprietary datatypes provided by FrontBase for column values.
5.4. FrontBase Extensions This section describes extensions to the SQL 92 standard language provided by FrontBase.

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