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Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

6. Original Documentation

Section/Article Description
6.1. Brief Introduction to FrontBase This article provides a brief introduction to FrontBase.
6.2. Getting Started with FrontBase This article will get you started with FrontBase.
6.3. Introduction to SQL 92 This article provides an introduction to the SQL 92 language used by FrontBase.
6.4. FrontBase Interactive sql92 Tool This article describes the sql92 command-line tool.
6.5. FrontBase Extensions to the SQL 92 Standard This article describes extensions to the SQL 92 language implemented by FrontBase.
6.6. FBAccess This article describes FBAccess, the framework for accessing FrontBase programmatically.
6.7. FBAccess API This section describes the FBAccess API.
6.8. FrontBase Unicode Manager This article describes FBUnicodeManager, a tool that lets you create and maintain collations and translations.
6.9. Database Administration This article describes basic administration of a FrontBase server.
6.10. FrontBase EOF Adaptor This article describes the FrontBase EOF adaptor.
6.11. Database Synchronization This article describes transactions, isolation levels, locking discipline, and updatability.
6.12. FrontBase and Security This article describes security features of FrontBase.
6.13. Row Level Privileges This article describes the unique row-level priveleges feature of FrontBase.
6.14. Importing Content from Flat-files This article describes how to import data into FrontBase from flat files and from other databases.
6.15. Exporting Schema and Content This article describes how to export a FrontBase database to flat-files.
6.16. Collations This article explains collations, which let you control how characters are compared by FrontBase.
6.17. Data Types of FrontBase This article describes the data types available for columns of tables in FrontBase.
6.18. Object Mapping This article describes the recommend mapping of the most common Foundation/Java objects into FrontBase datatypes.

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