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    6. Original Documentation
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

6.1. Brief Introduction to FrontBase

FrontBase is a high performance relational database engine conforming to the standards and demands of today's quality minded developers and users.

The engine is written in pure ANSI C and benefits from 15+ years of experience with compiler and run-time systems, embedded systems, object-oriented programming, database systems, and command-and-control systems.

Supported platforms

Mac OS X Server
Windows NT
YellowDog Linux (PPC)
RedHat 5.1 Linux (Intel)
SuSE 6.2 Linux (Intel)
Other platforms will follow in 1999

Designed with forethought

FrontBase provides high performance and conformance to both international and de facto standards such as:
SQL 92: FrontBase is the first industrial strength database engine in compliance with this important international standard. This includes full integrity constraint checking built right into the engine.

Unicode: FrontBase uses Unicode 2.0 exclusively for handling all CHARACTER data, while conserving space by using the UTF-8 standard for representation. This provides easy support for mixed client environments and their varying character sets.

Communication: FrontBase uses sockets for communicating with clients, making it easy for developers to support a wide variety of client platforms (MacOS, Windows 95/NT, Rhapsody).

Administration: FrontBase databases can be administrated from any computer on the internet - a normal Web browser is all that is needed.


The underlying truly relational oriented engine provides a solid foundation for dealing with databases very efficiently and without limitations:

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