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Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

3. FrontBase Specifications

This section describes the rich features of FrontBase that make it the ideal relational database server for the Internet age.

Section/Article Description
3.1. Standards Compliance This section describes international standards to which FrontBase adheres. These include SQL 92, Unicode, TCP/IP, and ANSI C.
3.2. Key Features This section introduces key features of FrontBase which make it the ideal database for Internet applications.
3.3. Drivers and Adaptors FrontBase has drivers for ODBC and JDBC. It has adaptors for EOF, PHP, and Perl. This article gives an overview of these drivers and adaptors.
3.4. Migration FrontBase has tools for importing from FileMaker, MySQL, OpenBase, and Sybase. This article gives a brief overview of these tools.

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