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    3. FrontBase Specifications
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

3.1. Standards Compliance

FrontBase adheres to several international standards, ensuring that you can leverage these standards when developing and deploying your application with FrontBase.

Section/Article Description
3.1.1. Full SQL 92 Compliance FrontBase implements the full SQL 92 standard.
3.1.2. Unicode Character Representation FrontBase stores all character data (including CLOBs) using Unicode, ensuring that your FrontBase applications are ready for international deployment.
3.1.3. TCP/IP Client/Server Interaction FrontBase clients and servers use the standard TCP/IP Internet protocol to communicate.
3.1.4. ANSI C Codebase FrontBase is written in ANSI C, ensuring a stable cross-platform codebase.

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