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    2. Installing FrontBase
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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2.2. Obtain and Install a License String

The license string allows FrontBase to run in "licensed" mode, enabling key features. When you run FrontBase in "unlicensed" mode (e.g. without a correct license string), individual databases will time out after two months of use. The license string is tied to the IP address of the server. A future version of FrontBase will support the MAC address of your ethernet card for dynamic IP situations.

Obtaining License String

You can obtain a license string from the website by supplying the IP address of the server and your e-mail address. A "license string" and "license check" for your server will be sent to you via e-mail.

Click here to obtain a free license or purchase a license from the website. The free license does not support features you will need in a production environment, such as backup and restore. You may, however, use the free license for deployment if you do not require these features. You can also apply for a free developer license (a full-featured "Enterprise" license without deployment rights).

Installing License String

There are three ways to install the license string:

1. If you are running FrontBase on a platform that includes FBManager, you can install it from there. Choose License... from the Edit menu, select the server, and paste the license string and license check which were e-mailed to you.

2. If you have FBWebManager running on the server, connect to it with your web browser and click License in the left column. Paste the license string and license check which were e-mailed to you.

3. Although not highly recommended, you can create the license file yourself using a text editor. The file is called LicenseString and resides in the main FrontBase directory. It's format is as follows:
<license string>:<license check>

Note the colon (:) between the license string and license check. The file is just one line – there is no carriage return after the license check.

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