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    3. FrontBase Specifications
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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3.3. Drivers and Adaptors

FrontBase has drivers for ODBC and JDBC. It has adaptors for EOF, PHP, and Perl.

The ODBC and JDBC drivers provide general connectivity to FrontBase from applications which rely on these standards.

The EOF adaptor allows FrontBase to work with Apple's WebObjects.

The API for the PHP3 and PHP4 adaptors are based on the PHP3 and PHP4 adaptors for MySQL respectively. Functions that begin with mysql_ in the MySQL adaptors instead begin with fbsql_ in the FrontBase adaptors. This should make porting a PHP application to FrontBase fairly easy.

The Perl adaptor is a Perl Database Interface (DBI). This abstraction layer should make porting Perl application to FrontBase from other databases fairly easy.

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