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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
      4.1. FrontBase-Related Processes
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

4.1.3. FBWebEnabler

The FBWebEnabler process maintains persistant connections for the FBWebManager system, allowing you to perform administrative functions on your FrontBase server from any web browser, either locally or from another computer.

When you install FrontBase, your computer will be set up so that FBWebEnabler is launched at startup. If it stops running, you will likely find out when you attempt to access cgi-bin/FBWebManager through a web browser. FBWebManager will then indicate that it cannot connect to FBWebEnabler.

If FBWebEnabler is not running, you should start it as follows (assuming you have added FrontBase/bin to your $PATH):

FBWebEnabler &

Be sure to include the ampersand ("&") at the end so that the task doesn't end with your terminal session.

If, however, you are running FrontBase on Windows NT, you can to the Service Manager and start FBWebEnabler. Like FBExec, FBWebEnabler should have been installed as a service so that it would start on system startup.

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