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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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4.2. FrontBase Directory

The FrontBase directory contains all the files required for your FrontBase installation. The files are subdirectories of the FrontBase directory are explained in this article.

Where the directory is

The location of the FrontBase directory depends on the platform on which you install FrontBase:

Platform Path
MacOS X Server /Local/Library/FrontBase
MacOS X Public Beta /Local/Library/FrontBase
Windows NT <drive>:/usr/local/FrontBase
Solaris /opt/FrontBase
RedHat Linux /usr/local/FrontBase
SuSE Linux /opt/FrontBase
YellowDog Linux /opt/FrontBase
Debian Linux /usr/lib/FrontBase
Mandrake Linux /usr/local/FrontBase
FreeBSD /usr/local/FrontBase

A future version of FrontBase and its platform-specific installers will allow you to install FrontBase anywhere. Currently, the FrontBase directory needs to be owned by "root" or "administrator", but that mostly artificial requirement should also disappear in a future version.

Contents of the FrontBase directory

The FrontBase directory will normally contain the following subdirectories and files:

Databases is a directory which holds all databases served from the host. For each database, there are two files: <database-name>.fb and <database-name>.fb.log. The former contains the actual data in the database, while the latter contains miscellaneous status and error messages. You can delete a database by deleting the <database-name>.fb file. Of course, you can also log into the database as _SYSTEM and issue a DELETE DATABASE command. On Windows NT, you should make sure that you've removed the database as a service before deleting it.

Collations is a directory which holds all defined collations (orderings of Unicode characters which can be instantiated as COLLATIONs in your SCHEMAs).

Translations is a directory which holds all defined translations.

bin is a directory which contains FrontBase executables. You may want to add the FrontBase/bin directory to your $PATH environment variable for easy access.

FBExec.log is a file to which the FBExec process appends miscellaneous status and error messages.

.BootstrapFiles is a directory containing miscellaneous files required to create a new database.

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