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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
Table of Contents

4.3. Adminstration Tools

This section introduces the three primary tools for administering your FrontBase server: the sql92 command-line tool, the web-based FBWebManager tool, and the FBManager application (for MacOS X and Windows NT only).
Section/Article Description
4.3.1. FBManager This section introduces the FBManager application, which is available for MacOS X and Windows installations of FrontBase. It is organized to give you a good overview of the features of the tool and how to accomplish common tasks with it.
4.3.2. FBWebManager This article introduces the FBWebManager web-based application, which is available for all installations of FrontBase and is accessed through any browser that supports dynamic HTML (aka JavaScript).
4.3.3. sql92 This article introduces the sql92 command-line tool, which is available for all installations of FrontBase.

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