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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
      4.12. Migration
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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4.12.1. FileMaker

The FileMaker Pro migration tool lets you move a FileMaker Pro database to FrontBase. It has two key restrictions. First, as FrontBase is a relational database server and not a front-end tool, only your FileMaker Pro tables will be migrated. Second, SQL 92 has no provision for calculated columns, so they can't be moved over to FrontBase if you have them in a FileMaker Pro database.

Currently, you'll need to download the FileMaker Pro migration tool separately. It is only available for the MacOS X platform. The tool is available from the downloads section of the FrontBase website. Eventually, it will be rolled into the FrontBase downloadable for every platform.

When you download and decompress the FileMaker Pro migration tool, you'll find the following items:

This is the main application build for Mac OS X Server. It can be used right away, or it can be moved to one of the Application folders. The application requires the FrontBase client frameworks to run. These frameworks are installed when you install the FrontBase package.


This FileMaker script extracts information from FileMaker files. This script should be moved to a place where FileMaker can access it. It works with both MacOS and Windows version of FileMaker. In MacOS, you may not be able just to double-click the script file. Instead, start FileMaker and open it using the "Open..." menu item.


An older "read me" document.

To access the documentation on how to use FM2FB and the MetaDumper script, start and choose "FM2FB Help" from the "Help" menu. This will open the HTML documentation in your web browser. The HTML files are embedded in the application wrapper.

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