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    4. Administering a FrontBase Server
      4.12. Migration
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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4.12.2. MySQL

The MySQL migration tool lets you move a MySQL database to FrontBase using JDBC drivers for both databases. It has one key limitation. It cannot handle MySQL with enum or set column types. The MySQL migration tool requires a Java virtual machine version 1.2 or higher.

Currently, you'll need to download the MySQL migration tool separately. The tool is available from the downloads section of the FrontBase website. Eventually, it will be rolled into the FrontBase downloadable for every platform.

You will need to acquire a JDBC driver for MySQL. You can get one here. Simply install the MySQL JDBC driver in the directory containing the rest of the MySQL migration tool.

To run the MySQL migration tool, change your working directory to the directory containing the tool and execute the following from the command line:

java -cp mysql_2_comp.jar:frontbasejdbc.jar:MySQL2FB.jar MySQL2FB

It will ask you for some information to complete the migration:


The source field is the location and name of the MySQL database to transfer. Input must have the following format: dbName@host.


The destination field is the desired location and name of the FrontBase database. There has to be a running version of FrontBase 2.0 on the specified host. Input must have the following format: dbName@host.

User name

The user name is the user name needed to log on to the MySQL database.


The password is is the password for the MySQL user name.

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