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    5. SQL 92
      5.1. SQL 92 Primer
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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5.1.3. USERs

The concept of users in SQL 92 is relatively simple, but is tied very closely to the concept of schemas.

To access a database, a user name is required, otherwise access is denied (FrontBase offers password protection as an extension to SQL 92).

When a new database is created, a number of user names are also created, among which are: _SYSTEM and _PUBLIC. Both these user names are considered by SQL 92 as special user names. In fact, the leading underscore cannot be used in regular identifiers.

To create a new user:

CREATE USER <user name> [DEFAULT SCHEMA <schema name>];

To change the default schema:

ALTER USER <user name> SET DEFAULT SCHEMA <schema name>;

The optional <schema name>, which must exist when the user name is created, will be the default schema for the user whenever the database is accessed. If no default <schema name> is given, a schema with the same spelling as the user name is created and used as default – this will happen the first time the user accesses the database.

To see who is the current user, the USER and CURRENT_USER string functions can be used. USER is simply a shorthand for CURRENT_USER.

To make a user name the current user:


To see the list of defined user names:


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