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    3. FrontBase Specifications
      3.2. Key Features
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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3.2.1. Terabyte Databases, Gigabyte Column Values

FrontBase supports terabyte-sized databases, gigabyte-sized character column values, and gigabyte-sized binary large objects (BLOBs) and character large objects (CLOBs).

FrontBase implements its own file system within the files used to store the database. The file system consists of up to 2^32 512-byte blocks, yielding over 2 terabytes of usable space. A character column values, BLOB, or CLOB can occupy up to 2^32 of these 512-byte blocks as well. In practice, large objects will be much smaller so that one does not consume the entire addressable space for the database. Thus, we advertise gigabyte-sized column values.

On platforms where the logical file size cannot exceed the gigabyte range, FrontBase will, when necessary, break its storage for a database into several files that fit within the file system's limits. Since FrontBase maintains its own file system within these files, this partitioning does not impose any limits on sizes of character column values, BLOBs, or CLOBS.

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