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    5. SQL 92
      5.4. FrontBase Extensions
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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5.4.1. User Management

CREATE USER <user-name> [ DEFAULT SCHEMA <schema name>];

Creates the specified user name, i.e. inserts a row into INFORMATION_SCHEMA.USERS. Whenever a user connects to a database (e.g. via a CONNECT statement), a default schema is established (can be examined via CURRENT_SCHEMA). If no default schema name is given when the user name is created, a default schema name with the same spelling as the user name is assumed.


Deletes the given user name from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.USERS. If RESTRICT is specified and the user owns one or more SCHEMAs, an error message is returned and the drop fails. If CASCADE is specified, a DROP SCHEMA <schema-name> CASCADE is executed for each schema the user owns.

SET DEFAULT SCHEMA <schema-name> FOR USER <user-name>;
ALTER USER <user-name> SET DEFAULT SCHEMA <schema-name>;

Sets or changes the default schema for the given user (see CREATE USER).

All of the above statements are transaction initiating. A COMMIT is required to make the changes visible to other users.

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