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    5. SQL 92
      5.4. FrontBase Extensions
Updated: 20-Nov-2000
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5.4.2. Index Management

CREATE INDEX [<index-name>] FOR | ON <table-name> (<column-names>);

Creates an index for the given table and columns. There is no restriction on the number of indexes that can be created for a table. There is no restriction on how many columns that can be included in an index definition. The <index-name> is needed if the index is to be dropped later on. The current user must be the owner of the schema that holds the specified table.

As the index is created while-you-wait, the execution of this statement may take a little time depending on how many rows the table holds.

Please note that indices created via CREATE INDEX are only used to optimize SELECTs. These indices do not imply any integrity constraint checks.

DROP INDEX <index-name>;

Drops the specified index. The current user must be the owner of the schema that holds the index.

As a convenience to aid in porting existing SQL applications, we have also introduced:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX [<index-name>] FOR | ON <table-name>

This is semantically identical to:

ALTER TABLE <table-name> ADD [CONSTRAINT <index-name>]

All of the above statements are transaction initiating. A COMMIT is required to make the changes visible to other users.

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